Family owned and operated.


One may wonder how California Typewriter, in this age of computers and smartphones, managed to stay in business so many years after the typewriter appeared to have passed its prime as a universal means of communicating. 

The secret is: 


We've supported each other all of these years in doing what we love to do, and that's to serve our community with the skills that we've honed over the course of our entire lives. The community gives back to us by sharing the wonderful things they create using the machines we fix for them or that they buy from us: poetry, novels, screenplays, recipes, or just a kind thank-you note. We get a great deal of joy and satisfaction knowing that we serve not only the local business community, but the exciting creative community in Berkeley, the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond.

The typewriter continues to speak to and through all of us, and we're proud as a family to share this idea with our customers and our friends.